Arianna & Earle May 5, 2012

I was so excited to shoot this wedding!  Arianna and Earle are so relaxed and easy going.  I arrived at the hotel in Glendale while Arianna was getting ready and it was just her and her sister putting on the finishing touches.

The handkerchief was her grandmothers and it was something old, borrowed and blue.

Earle was getting ready with his best man at the apartment just minutes from the venue.

Arianna and Earle decided to do a first look in a sweet little sun room in the Women’s 20th Century Club of Eagle Rock.

It was a gorgeous day at the Century Club and could not have been more perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Husband and wife…

First dance…

Off to a beautiful remote island for a spectacular honeymoon.

4 thoughts on “Arianna & Earle May 5, 2012

  1. Thank you, Carla…for your work, your beauty of spirit, for being a special part of this important day. Arianna and Earle

  2. I especially love the bubble shot at the end! What a great way to end the night with an unexpected bubble send off! Bravo for the person who put that together. Great pictures too Carla!

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