About Me

Years ago a friend of mine asked me, “If you won a million dollars and didn’t have to worry about money ever again, what would you DO with your life? What would fill your days?” I answered, “Photography”. This conversation happened eons ago when we were sitting in a pub in Kokomo, Indiana before I ventured out west to pursue a dream of living out loud. I’ve stumbled around quite a bit, having fun and making fantastic friends along the way but the one constant in my life has been my photography. It goes everywhere. And I take it everywhere. Stealing a moment. Making it permanent. Letting the stillness of an image live and breathe taking someone back to that one specific moment in time. That’s awesome. There’s something about the past that I love. Maybe that’s why I studied history in college. Or why I enjoy Europe so much. There is so much past just oozing out of every building and cobble-stoned street that I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the thought of how much living happened there. And then it brings me back to now. People are living their lives NOW and I get the privilege of documenting some of their most memorable moments. Stealing it, making it permanent and letting the stillness live and breathe for them forever.

That’s awesome.

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